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Giới thiệu VIETJET AIR


VietJetAir – a dynamic, innovative airline – has quickly won passengers’ hearts to become the most favorite airline in Vietnam and in the region.

VietJetAir is operating an intensive flight network in Vietnam and is planning to expand its operation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The airline’s mission is to meet the increasing travel demands of domestic and international travelers by providing punctual flights and a high quality of service, helping to lead the Vietnam aviation industry into a new era.

Vietjet named Top 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work for four consecutive years, Vietjet has become one of the most favorite working places for the internationals from more than 50 countries and territories. They have been contributing positively to make air travel become a popular means of transport among passengers not only in Vietnam but also in regional markets. During all this time, Vietjet has always been proud of our experienced leaders, high-quality, professional and enthusiastic human resources, fair working environment, good policies, equal and unlimited promotional opportunities for all employees

- Competitive compensation package with very attractive KPIs bonus every 6 months 

- Aviation standard training opportunities

- Many business trip opportunities, with additional 20 FOC Airline Tickets for Family & Friend

Fly into the future with Vietjet at

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Trên 5000 Nhân viên
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Vietjet Plaza, 60A Trường Sơn, Phường 2 - Quận Tân Bình - Hồ Chí Minh
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